It’s now possible to change the arrangement of YouTube videos when turning long-form footage into shorts.

All Remix tools are compatible with the new editing function, which is only available on iOS for now but will soon be available on Android as well.
Brands and marketers hoping to take advantage of the popularity of Shorts—which is viewed by 2 billion logged-in users each month—may find the new editing tool helpful.

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How it works. To utilize YouTube’s latest feature, just take these actions:

Click the “remix” button on the video that you wish to shorten.
Then choose “Edit Into A Short.”
Trim to Choose the desired segment of the video, then select “Layout.”
Here, you can select from a variety of layouts, such “Single” or “Square,” to enlarge a specific area of your movie. Alternatively, select a split screen arrangement that best suits your film.
Throughout the preview section, pinch and drag until you’re satisfied with how they appear.
Keep the layout saved.
After editing is complete, submit your short.

In-depth exploration For additional details, see YouTube Creator Liaison Rene Ritchie’s announcement in its entirety.


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