The least shocking admission regarding his attendance at his son’s parent-teacher conferences was presumably made by Wiz Khalifa.

The rapper made an appearance on a recent Call Her Daddy podcast episode, which was released on Wednesday. Regarding marijuana, host Alex Cooper questioned the 36-year-old about his experiences showing up to his son Sebastian’s 10-year-old son’s school to welcome his teachers while high.

Yes, without a doubt. I’m coming stone cold. According to People, Khalifa stated on the podcast, “They expect it.” “It is known to them. It’s not like the old days, when smoking marijuana made you a poor parent. My son definitely smells like marijuana. I’m fairly certain he smells like marijuana, but I can’t smell it.

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“Yeah, I’m pulling up high and stoned because I want them to connect with the real me,” Khalifa went on. They won’t meet a phony me or this idealized parent that society shapes you into believing you should be. It’s not because I’m a celebrity or anything that makes me who I am. However, I do so because it’s my true belief, so why not obtain the authentic one?

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“Why should I pretend to be someone else or change who I am merely to go to these places? I will never live my life in that manner. No way, no way.

The rapper declared in October that he had given up alcohol entirely and was adopting a “California Sober” lifestyle. At the time, he said on the Cuhmunity podcast that he is solely using shrooms and smokes marijuana.

Khalifa also gives gratitude to his ex-partner Amber Rose’s son Sebastian for inspiring him to change his bad habits.

According to Khalifa, “Bash is a huge part of that transition — and not being with his mother, too, because it forced me to be more responsible and do the things I wouldn’t normally do,” the rapper stated in reference to his 2019 docuseries Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam. I have a greater effect on him as he gets older. Therefore, it’s more important to truly be there than it is to simply ensure that he is okay.”


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