TMZ has confirmed the sad passing of James Kottak, the drummer for Kingdom Come and the former Scorpios.

Tobi, Kottak’s daughter, informs us that her father passed suddenly in Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday morning, however more information regarding the precise circumstances wasn’t immediately available. First to report on rumors of the musician’s passing was Metal Sludge.

His precise cause of death is still a mystery.

James is well known for being a member of the German hard rock band Scorpions. He joined the group in 1996 and remained the longest-serving member until his drunkenness led to his firing in 2016.

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He had talked about his struggle with alcohol over the years, stating that it was still a work in progress and that he hadn’t been able to give it up entirely in October 2022.

Prior to that, he was well-known for being the founding drummer of Kingdom Come, a band that became well-known in the 1980s for their Led Zeppelin-inspired songs.

Along with many other bands, he also performed on tour with KrunK, Montrose, Wild Horses, and Buster Brown.

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James appeared in a few reality TV shows in addition to his singing career, most notably “Ex-Wives of Rock” in 2012.

From 1996 to 2010, he was the well-known husband of Tommy Lee’s sister Athena. Their son Matthew was the subject of a contentious custody dispute.

He was sixty-one.



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