In order to resolve a class action complaint from 2018, VIZIO has agreed to pay $3 million, and you might be eligible for payment.

The TV manufacturer was accused of making misleading claims in the lawsuit that its LCD televisions have refresh rates of 120 Hz and 240 Hz, which refers to how often an LCD screen updates its image. A faster refresh rate makes for a more fluid and high-quality watching experience.

Jeffrey Koenig, one of the claimants, claimed to have bought a VIZIO TV that featured a 240Hz refresh rate. As per the lawsuit that Ars Technica was able to receive, the TV’s refresh rate was actually limited to 120Hz. Koenig consequently saw “noticeable motion blur” when viewing TV.

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VIZIO has refuted any misconduct.

Anybody who bought a VIZIO TV in California after April 30, 2014, is covered by the settlement. You might be eligible to receive a percentage of the settlement money if you satisfy those conditions.

Your alternatives are outlined on a class action lawsuit website.

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By March 30, you can file a claim with VIZIO to get paid, but you forfeit your future legal ability to sue the firm for the same issue. You have till February 29th to remove yourself from the case. This implies that even though you won’t be paying, you still have the option to sue VIZIO independently. By February 29th, you may also object to the settlement. Of course, you can also decide to do nothing.


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