Ice Cube once asked Katt Williams to write the screenplay for Last Friday, the intended fourth episode in the Friday film trilogy.

The comedian and actor was asked if he’d consider repeating his role as Money Mike in another Friday film during an interview on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay show. He confirmed his participation and stated that he was invited to assist the West Coast legend in developing the film’s narrative.

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“Cube has already requested that I write it. It was meant to be written by me. “This is what these guys are mad about,” Williams told Sharpe, referring to the numerous comics with whom he’s feuded over the years.

In light of the passing of actor John Witherspoon in 2019, the 52-year-old emphasized a feeling of urgency in getting Last Friday made. Witherspoon played Willie Jones, the father of Ice Cube’s character Craig Jones, in Friday, Next Friday, and Friday After Next.

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“Regardless, we lost some great people before [Friday 4] could come out.” So, absolutely, one is desperately needed. But we miss John Witherspoon in ways that cannot be measured,” he remarked.


In a new interview with #ShannonSharpe on ClubShayShay, #KattWilliams was asked if he would be willing to do another “Friday” movie + spoke on #IceCube asking him to write the script for it 🎞️

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Williams then went after Chris Tucker, claiming he had ties to late convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein. He also made light of Tucker’s closeness with late music legend Michael Jackson. “And the Chris Tucker we’ve got now is ‘Epstein Island’ Chris Tucker,” the native of Cincinnati said.

He further said that Tucker did not repeat his part as Smokey after the first Friday picture because of his religious convictions. “Chris Tucker did not want to be the ‘poster child’ for marijuana use like his Smokey character,” Williams explained. “[Chris Tucker] doesn’t smoke marijuana like that. He is in church. He was Michael Jackson’s closest companion… Michael Jackson referred to him as ‘Christmas.’ Have you ever met a man who gave you a moniker like that?”


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