The 52-year-old Ted actor recently disclosed that during his visitation with his 20-year-old daughter Ella over parents’ weekend at Clemson University in South Carolina, they went to a fraternity party together

“I’ve never seen anyone have as much fun as they were!” Wahlberg told ET of his September visit to Ella’s college, “Even more than her coming to Vegas.” “I was at the frat house and, you know, a couple of spots in town.”

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It was absurd. The parents’ weekend was amazing,” he continued.

Along with Ella, Wahlberg and his spouse Rhea Durham have a 13-year-old daughter named Grace and two 17-year-old sons named Michael and Brendan.

Durham, 45, posted a cute picture of his family celebrating Thanksgiving on Instagram last month. Durham is the star of The Family Plan.

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She wrote, “🦃🍂 Thankful 💫🙏🏼✨🤎,” as the caption for the picture, which featured the family standing together with a view of the blue sky outside the window.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE before to F45’s Wahlberg Week in October, the actor discussed his family’s recent relocation to Nevada.

“Everyone has adjusted well. Regarding his family, Wahlberg remarked, “Everyone is happy, the kids are all at school.”

Looking ahead to the holidays, the actor remarked, “Well, I’m constantly busy and traveling, so I’m looking forward to getting home and spending some time with the family.”


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