Everyone engages in small routines that they may not even be aware of.

It may occasionally appear as a widely used term or phrase. Or maybe it’s a persistent need to crack your knuckles or back.

However, most of the time we are unaware that we have adopted these small peculiarities until someone else makes them clear to us.

Bradley Cooper, for example, is unable to maintain eye contact during a conversation.

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No, narcolepsy has not suddenly struck him.

He is still wide awake.

It came up during Emma Stone’s appearance on Variety’s Actors on Actors.

The two were reminiscing about their past professions on the show.

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Cooper and Stone have been friends since 2007 and have shared several film appearances.

2008 saw them both in supporting parts in the independent heavy metal comedy The Rocker. After that, they reunited for Cameron Crowe’s critically panned 2015 film Aloha.

Because of their strong relationship, Stone even took her mother to see a preview of Cooper’s upcoming film Maestro at his residence. How adorable!

Nevertheless, despite everything, Cooper’s tendency of closing his eyes doesn’t seem to have occurred to the La La Land star previously.

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The beginning of it all came when Cooper asked his fellow actor, “Seriously, I do want to talk to you about your immense talent.”

Sitting in a seat across from him, Stone asked, “Why are your eyes so closed?”

Cooper stated: “Because I’ve realized, as I’ve gotten more comfortable in myself, the truth is I think better when my eyes are closed.”

Alright, it makes sense.

“You need to resolve this,” Stone said in between chuckles. “It’s crazy.”

Cooper recounts an incident from later in the interview in which he finds himself closing his eyes.

He replied, “I know I’m closing my eyes… deal with it, dude.”

Stone nodded and then declared, “I’m going to do it too.”

She made it obvious after a short while that it wasn’t for her, saying, “I’ll fall asleep if I do it for too long.”

Fans responded to the interview on X, then known as Twitter, expressing their amusement at Cooper’s intriguing peculiarity.

A person said, “Bradley is too funny.”

Someone more wrote: “Can’t explain further but Bradley Cooper is the Rob Gronkowski of cinema.”

By the way, Rob Gronkowski plays football for the United States.

I’m not sure what the full meaning of the reference is, but does he also close his eyes?

Another person merely said, “Excellent interview.”


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