He has broken his silence, Squid Game: The Challenge player 065 on Netflix.

The player was called the “real villain” of the reality program, but ever since the show’s premiere, he has discussed the charges extensively.

Recently, participants in the live edition of the popular Netflix series came from all over the world.

It hasn’t, however, been without controversy. One player even accused the show of having harsh filming conditions.

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Presently, an additional cast member is pursuing media attention.

Dylan, also known as Player 065, faced criticism for his behavior in the sixth episode of the reality show.

He lost his temper during the controversial marbles round.

During the round, participants had to play a marble game in pairs.

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Each combination would have a winner who advances to the next round and a loser who is eliminated.

Any partnership who failed to select a winner, though, would lose both of them.

Dylan was matched with Aurora, another participant, and after accusing her of “raising her voice” during a quiet conversation, he refused to give her the victory, eliminating both of them.

“I didn’t like the comment he made about her raising her voice when she seemed to be speaking in a level, normal tone,” one person wrote in response to X’s quick criticism.

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“It felt like a micro aggression.”

Another concurred, saying, “In my opinion, player 065 DESERVED to return home.

He was attempting to mentally manipulate 399.

“And he continued to act like a bitter loser even after my girl gave in.

“When the initial shot was fired into her.

“He’s just angry because he wants to win and he’s a man.”

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In response to the criticism, Dylan has since posted on Instagram, saying: “It’s important to note, what you see is only the edited version of what really happened.”

“As per the requirement of the producers, all marble games had to have the winning strategies and rules determined PRIOR to play; once the game commenced, it could not be modified.

“What we observe at the end of the game violates the previously established rules, so you couldn’t identify the winner at the end of the match.

“My obeying orders does not reflect poorly on my personality or my character.

“There will be more, but let me clarify that I’m not a bully or a manipulator; I was merely following the rules of the game.”


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