The recent episode of the Collect Call podcast, hosted by Suge Knight and released on Sunday, November 19th, is further hurting the situation.

Additionally, he singled out Eazy-E’s widow for botching a deal negotiated between the Death Row executive and Dre, which had the potential to secure generational riches for the deceased rapper and his family. Eazy could allegedly receive a portion of Suge’s revenues, irrespective of the industry, in exchange for a portion of the profit margin. In his dialogue with Dave Mays, co-founder of The Source magazine, he articulated that this opportunity was worth a billion dollars, considering Dre’s ongoing phenomenal success over the course of his career.

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“I did a deal for [Eazy],” Suge Knight began his remarks regarding the entire situation. “He receives one dollar for every action taken by Dre.” That is to say, if he produces a film, a rhythm, or endorses a particular line of merchandise. Should he appear in a commercial or produce… One dollar is awarded to [Eazy] for his contribution. Subsequently, the notorious and incarcerated music figure elaborated that Tomica Woods-Wright, the widow of Eazy-E, took over management of his estate following his tragic demise in March 1995.

Additionally, “Tomica met with Interscope,” claimed Suge Knight. “Interscope responded, ‘Hey, why do you insist on earning one dollar for every action Dre takes? We may conduct commerce together in the future. Simply sign off and allow Dre to leave. We intend to conduct business at a later time.’ She terminated her work. They have since ceased all business dealings with that b***h. Do you know what? That disgusted Eazy’s children and his mother while his father was still alive. “It has treated his family with contempt.” The intricacy and elaborate nature of this transaction raise doubts regarding our ability to fully comprehend the ramifications of this assertion.

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Indeed, Eazy-E had previously discussed a comparable arrangement with Arsenio Hall in 1993; this coincided, intriguingly, with his dispute with N.W.A. Consequently, everything Dre accomplished was returned to Eazy. “In essence, I secured Dre’s services as an exclusive artist and producer,” he explained. So, I was included for the subsequent six years when Dre attempted to reach an agreement at Interscope.


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