The launch of NASA+, a free streaming service, has occurred.

In place of NASA’s previous free broadcast, the new service will feature fresh looks, new content, and its first selection of on-demand streaming. It is available HERE on the NASA+ website.

At the agency’s headquarters in Washington, Jeff Seaton, chief information officer, stated, “Our mission is to motivate and educate the public through a unified, world-class NASA website.” “The opportunity presented by NASA’s legacy footprint to significantly enhance the user experience for the public we serve is substantial. Ensuring the accessibility, discoverability, and security of our agency’s information necessitates the initial undertaking of technologically modernizing our primary websites and optimizing user interactions with our online content.

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The NASA website describes this new application as follows:

NASA will also enhance the NASA app and introduce its new streaming platform, NASA+, later this year. Users will have the ability to access the agency’s Emmy Award-winning live coverage and glimpses into NASA’s missions via the family-friendly, ad-free streaming service that offers compilations of original video series, as well as a limited number of new series that premiere exclusively on the service.

“With NASA’s new streaming platform, we’re putting space on demand and at your fingertips,” said Marc Etkind, associate administrator, Office of Communications, NASA Headquarters. “By transforming our digital presence, we will be able to inspire through discovery, innovate for the benefit of humanity, and explore the unknown in air and space more effectively.”

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“Our forthcoming NASA+ videos and new science and flagship websites, in addition to exoplanet research and solar system exploration, better understand the Sun’s influence on Earth’s climate and exoplanet research.” “By showcasing our discovery programs in an interdisciplinary and cross-cutting manner, these platforms ultimately strengthen our connections with our visitors and viewers,” said Nicky Fox, associate administrator, Science Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters.

This development is highly advantageous for NASA enthusiasts desiring to access live streams documenting the agency’s activities. Additionally, numerous prominent streaming devices, such as Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV, will offer access to NASA+.


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