YNW Melly’s double murder case has been underway for several years. Melly has been incarcerated for the greater part of five years at this time. Despite several applications for bail, he has never been granted.

His first trial last summer was declared a mistrial after the jury couldn’t agree on a conclusion. As a result, he will stand trial again, this time on October 9th, when jury selection will commence. However, no one knows when the arguments will begin because jury selection might take weeks.

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However, there has been a significant change in the case. This time, though, it is YNW Bortlen who is the center of attention. Bortlen is being tried separately in this case, and many are concerned about his treatment. He had already been given bail and was now free to roam the streets of Florida. That freedom, however, has now come to an end. YNW Bortlen was arrested on Monday, according to journalist Bryson “Boom” Paul.

According to him, YNW Bortlen’s home was raided. Following the raid, they decided to prosecute him with witness tampering. Because he is currently in Miami-Dade County, this is a “out-of-county warrant.” This is not a favorable development for Bortlen in general.

Despite the fact that he would have to go to trial regardless, he was at least enjoying some freedom. It now appears improbable that he would be granted bail before his trial, which is scheduled for three months from now.


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