50 Cent is now a suspect in a felony battery investigation. Wednesday night, the woman who was hit filed a police report.

According to law police officials, 50 threw the microphone towards his workers in the production area and hit the victim. The victim informed cops 50 glanced her in the eyes before throwing the mic, so she assumed 50 was aware of her presence. The sufferer was taken to the hospital with a head laceration.

During his show in Los Angeles, 50 Cent went full Cardi B, tossing his broken microphone into the audience and smacking a fan on the head.

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The rapper performed at Crypto.com Arena on Wednesday night as part of his “Final Lap” tour 2023… and during the performance, he was given numerous microphones that didn’t function, which was definitely triggering.

Photo Credit: TMZ

Take a look at the video… Fitty enters the stage with a microphone in hand, joining YG, who is belting out a song. Fitty abruptly moves to one side of the platform and hurls the microphone, striking a woman in the head.

According to witnesses, Fitty was not targeting the woman, yet he nevertheless beaned her hard. According to a source close to 50, the woman was not supposed to be in the restricted area… however, unlike the mic, that excuse does not fly.

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50 Cent is reportedly a suspect in a criminal battery report after THROWING a mic and hitting a fan 😳 #fyp #micthrow #50cent #suspect #criminal #LA #concert

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The woman was photographed with a gash in her forehead and bloody towels wrapped around her neck, according to Instagram.

We’ve contacted Fitty’s camp… so yet, no response.

You might recall… Cardi B was involved in a similar incident in which she furiously hurled her microphone at a fan who threw a drink at her during a gig in Las Vegas. The microphone ricocheted off something and struck another person nearby. A police report was filed, but Cardi was exonerated.


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