After criticizing the LGBTIQ+ community on social media during Pride Month, Justin Bieber’s father has found himself in quite a bit of trouble.

Jeremy Bieber, 48, sent a homophobic meme to Twitter on June 7.

The rainbow flag was accompanied by the caustic reminder, “Don’t forget to thank a straight person this month for your existence.”

We can only presume that the Canadian pop star’s father deleted the post after receiving an overwhelming amount of negative feedback.

It’s barely been two days since he tweeted some more of his brilliant ideas, and now he’s erased one of them.

The 48-year-old man, who has fathered four children with three separate women, wrote that he believes society ‘need to celebrate families.

The reason we’re all here is because of you,” Jeremy wrote on Twitter. It’s astonishing the things that young people today glorify.

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Oof. Take a look around you.

In any case, as might have been expected, the reaction on social media was immediate.

One Twitter user stated of Bieber’s father, “I didn’t know I could hate someone as much as I hate Justin Bieber, but here is his Dad.”

A second person echoed those sentiments, saying, “Broke a*s deadbeat who leeches off his own kid.” Get your own life in order first.

Many people were prepared to criticize the 48-year-old for being absent during his son’s formative years.

Pattie Mallette, Justin’s mother, has been raising him as a single parent, and many people have criticized Jeremy for not being there enough.

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As one wag put it, “Don’t forget to thank your son because he’s the reason your electricity hasn’t been shut off yet.”

Yikes. It’s a cruel world outside.

That’s what happens, though, when the LGBTQ+ community is told to be grateful to its oppressors.

Justin, now 29, has not addressed his father’s bigoted Pride statement in any public forum.


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