Streaming’s Steady Rise: For the first time in Adtaxi poll history, streaming viewership (30%) has an advantage over cable (29%) and broadcast (26%) viewing.


This indicates that more American adults than either cable or broadcast TV intend to watch the Super Bowl online. In the not-too-distant future, experts believe that streaming services will surpass broadcast and cable TV combined, if this trend holds.

Cross-Channel Consumption: More than half of adults (52%) will watch the Super Bowl on a digital screen other than their primary one. This number increased from 46% the previous year. 15% of respondents said they would be on a sports website while watching, while 36% said they would be on social media.

Social Gatherings Have Returned: The poll shows that after the pandemic, huge gatherings have increased and more people are leaving their homes. Viewing by oneself or members of one’s immediate family has decreased by 6% since 2022 (43%) 32% of us will watch the Super Bowl at home, at someone else’s house, or at a restaurant or bar this year. This is an increase from 22% in 2021, when the pandemic was at its worst, and 25% last year.

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Pre-Kickoff Purchases: This year, 64% of American adults will make purchases in advance of the Super Bowl. Snacks will be purchased in advance of the game by half of us (48%)—a 4% increase from 2022. In addition, more Americans (37%) will purchase soft drinks than alcoholic beverages (29%), continuing a pattern from the previous year. Additionally, takeout will continue to be a top priority for viewers, with 27% intending to buy prepared foods.

Why People Are Watching: Among most Americans, interest in the game itself is higher this year than in the advertising and half-time show. In contrast to the pandemic years, when interest was biased toward advertising, this represents a change. Don’t undervalue those advertisements, though! The fact that 63% of Americans who say they won’t watch the Super Bowl are nevertheless pleased about the advertising is particularly noteworthy.


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