Twitch has released a roadmap for the features it is developing for 2023. Changes to the way advertising are shown, brand-deal management tools for streamers, and new first-party chat interaction tools are a few of them. Making pre-roll advertisements less grating is the largest, though.

Twitch is going to alter the way that advertisements are shown during streams starting in 2023. According to Chief Product Officer Tom Verrilli and Chief Monetization Officer Mike Minton’s open letter:

In the first half of this year, we’re making two changes to improve the way ads work for viewers and channels: First, we’re updating the way disabling pre-roll works for channels. Running three minutes of ads per hour in any way will disable all pre-rolls – they no longer have to be split into 90 second ads every 30 minutes Second, we’re applying our Picture-by-Picture experience to the majority of pre-rolls that viewers do see.

Pre-roll advertisements have consistently been an issue for viewers and streamers. While surfing Twitch, if you click on an interesting channel, you may have to endure up to three minutes of advertisements before you can even view the stream. A picture-by-picture option appears to be a reasonable middle ground because it at least enables a viewer to view the material that piqued their attention up front without an ad wall while Twitch gets its allotted commercial time in.

Twitch is also experimenting with methods to alert users that ads are coming during streams, and one of those methods may even feature a mid-roll ad snooze option.

Additionally, Twitch is developing unique resources that streamers can use to secure sponsorships. Verrilli and Minton claim that

We’ll test new features with a small group of streamers to improve sponsorship agreements on Twitch, making them more profitable for the streamer and more significant for the brand. For a less intrusive and more interesting sponsorship experience, streamers can easily install these brand assets onto streams, above chat, and other locations on your channel website, starting with channel skins and clickable branded visuals.

Twitch is also aiming to improve its analytics tools so that streamers may better understand where their viewers are coming from and the best times to broadcast particular games or content from particular categories. Along with numerous mobile enhancements to make a viewer’s mobile experience more comparable to what they would see on desktop or elsewhere, a mechanism to reach viewers when artists are offline is also in the works.

There are many more effective ways to share your broadcasts on other platforms:

By collaborating with Twitter to enhance how clips and live stream links play in the feed, we’re providing tools to help you edit and export your clips for vertical, short form video formats and making it simpler to advertise your stream on other platforms.

It will be intriguing to watch how Twitter’s new ruling elite will persuade the infamously erratic Elon Musk to collaborate, especially given that the site’s fledgling features appear to be proving difficult for Twitter’s skeleton staff to maintain. However, TikTok is always an option.

Speaking of TikTok, Twitch is going to provide tools to make it easier for streamers to edit and export video from VODs in a vertical format. Additionally, streamers will be able to enable a new Sound Bites feature for viewers and pin up to 20 clips on a channel page. Similar to how OBS and other third-party technologies enable streamers to deliver these with channel points, Sound Bites are audio alerts that are activated by viewers. In Twitch’s own implementation, users will pay to activate sounds as a new way to monetize channels.

The network will launch an experiments page that will inform creators and viewers of the kinds of projects Twitch is working on, making it easier for users to keep track of the numerous changes that could be made to Twitch. For the time being, Twitch says it will make more announcements once these adjustments take effect.

Additionally, Verrilli and Minton looked into the platform’s 2022. One of the achievements was decreasing the compensation requirement from $100 to $50 and introducing its Guest Star tool, which gives broadcasters a simpler, built-in option to cooperate.


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