In an interview with KHOU 11, a 24-year-old woman who was a victim of the shooting that killed Takeoff spoke out for the first time.

Sydney Leday was a second victim injured during the tragic Houston evening that killed Takeoff. Leday explained that she had recently celebrated her birthday and had a night out with her friends to commemorate both the occasion and Halloween.

She explained that she grew up in Los Angeles and wasn’t taken aback by the presence of Quavo and Takeoff. They went to the bowling alley around 12 a.m., according to Leday. She described the situation as “relatively normal” until around 2 a.m., when the event was about to end.

“That’s when I realized something wasn’t right after the fact,” she explained. “Because I thought these people who were arguing were just playing, like I said, the energy that was in the room before everybody around the table was playing a dice game. I just assumed it was harmless banter.”

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However, she suspected something was wrong because of Quavo’s attitude at the time.

“So I knew something was wrong when I noticed [Quavo] was upset and about to leave,” she explained. “The party wasn’t going to continue.”

She explained that when the shots rang out, she tried to flee but couldn’t get very far. Leday explained that she fell and experienced a stinging sensation in the back of her head, but she was able to get down an escalator and into a car. Her friend then drove her to Memorial Hermann Hospital, which was 12 minutes away.

We’ll keep you updated as things progress in the case.

The full interview is available below.


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