Skinamarink is a new experimental horror film that has been dubbed the “scariest” ever filmed.

The film is an indie movie from Canadian director Kyle Edward Ball and is an outlier in terms of the money that is generally tossed around Hollywood. The film is estimated to have cost only $15,000 (£12,000).

Skinamarink hasn’t been released yet, but it’s still creating ripples in the horror community. The story revolves around two young children, played by Lucas Paul and Kaylee Dali Rose Tetreault, who wake up in the middle of the night to find their father has left the house.

The two children are both under the age of seven, and their perplexity intensifies when the doors and windows in their home begin to disappear. To deal with a scenario they don’t fully comprehend, the couple flees to their living room and sets up camp under the light of ancient, scary cartoons on an out-of-date television. But they soon understand that something is invading their area and badly wants their attention.

The picture is less action and more suspenseful. It’s already been compared to David Lynch’s acclaimed classic Eraserhead, and reviews are calling Skinamarink “the scariest film of all time” due to the sense of dread it produces.

It was also called “probably the most frightening and downright malicious plot committed to film in a long time” by Inverse. Meanwhile, Variety reported that the picture features “something sinister creature at work,” concluding, “What occurs in Skinamarink sneaks up on you so silently that you aren’t just terrified; you believe.”

However, because this is an experimental picture, viewers looking for a basic horror experience may be disappointed. Bloody Disgusting have hinted at this, noting that while it may “instil eerie horror” into certain viewers, “others will find it too opaque to participate”.

Skinamarink will be available in limited release on January 13 and later this year via Shudder.


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