Sometimes, a small component of a film’s casting is so important that it imperils the entire work; Renfield falls into this particular category. The movie’s plot revolves around Dracula’s lackey Renfield as he falls in love with a traffic cop and tries to escape the oppression of his blood-sucking employer.

There is a lot to be excited about in this movie, especially since Renfield is portrayed by the consistently excellent Nicholas Hoult and the traffic cop is portrayed by the consistently hilarious Awkwafina. The movie is based on an idea created by Robert “The Walking Dead” Kirkman and is directed by Chris McKay, who also directed The LEGO Batman Movie. The one and only Nicolas Cage is playing Count Dracula, which is a truly great piece of cinephile wish-fulfillment casting. However, there is another casting decision that garners all the attention. Here is a link to the trailer:

With a What We Do In The Shadows-inspired, modern-vampires-of-the-city perspective on the blood-and-bats genre, it’s a charming first look that promises a broad, lighthearted, and comic take on Dracula’s history. Furthermore, although though Hoult’s Renfield receives most of the attention in the trailer because he is the movie’s protagonist, it has the impression that Cage’s portrayal of the evil Vlad will eventually be revealed. Those tiny glimpses of his performance may be, but it appears that the renowned eccentric actor is definitely hamming it up in his portrayal of one of the greatest movie monsters of all time.

At our most recent cover story, Cage said, “When I got a feel of where McKay intended to go, I realized the movie had a humorous, pop art attitude.” We visited Cage in his Las Vegas home for the Greatest Actors issue. “I therefore reasoned that this would be a pop-art Dracula. Great black-on-black Dracula by Warhol. This is quite Warhol-esque.

Other times, the monster formula is given some amusing twists, such as when Renfield complains to a self-help group about how possessive his boss is, or when it is revealed that he gets his superpowers from eating spiders. What happens if he eats one while sleeping, as people tragically frequently do, according to scientists? It’s important to note that, in contrast to the YouTube version, the social media preview includes some stunning gore as well, including an exploding priest, severed limbs, and a fork to the neck. Check out the video below, which we will now refer to as the “Exploding Priest Cut”:


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