Tony Iommi, a member of Black Sabbath, desires to release another solo album.

The 74-year-old rocker first gained notoriety as a co-founder of the heavy metal band with Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne, and Bill Ward more than 50 years ago. Although he released his debut solo album, “Iommi,” in 2000, he now feels it is time to try again with his own LP while juggling several other projects.

He stated: “2022 has been a terrific year for me—in some ways, at least. Writing and recording have been going on. I’m thrilled to announce that I’m having a new studio built. Actually, the studio is already constructed and nearly operational; all I need now is some equipment. Some of the parts have sort of ceased coming through as a result of the conflict [in Ukraine]. But we’re getting close. I believe I’ll be prepared to enter and begin working there in a few more weeks, which will allow me to begin creating another record, something I’m really looking forward to.

“Of course, Cozy Powell, Neil Murray, and the Tony Martin box set will be available. And I’m excited about it because many people have inquired about that, which is wonderful. They were curious as to when it will be released. And with these albums, we’ve actually done them one after the other. Everything must be released at [the appropriate] periods; you cannot just release it all at once. As a result, all the box sets of the original Sabbath material have been released, and now we have Ronnie [James Dio] material. Next up will be the Tony Martin, followed by my own work.”

The “Paranoid” singer continued by saying that 2023 will be a hectic year for him.

To Blabbermouth, he said: “Thus, it will once more be active. But it’s fantastic. And it’s enjoyable to conduct interviews, discuss what we did, and do everything else.”


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