The most valuable player this season, according to some, is Steph Curry. Even though the Warriors still have a losing record, he has remained the team’s lone supporter. Although this is obviously not his fault, it could be viewed as a blot on his record.

The Warriors have really struggled during the last two games. The team struggled against the Bucks last night. Additionally, they faced Indiana yesterday night, and it was more of the same as they were down by a large margin at the break.

Steph Curry Goes Down

The team’s situation ultimately got worse when Curry suffered a shoulder injury late in the third quarter. Curry was grabbing at his shoulder right away, as you can see in the videos down below. In addition, after being examined by trainers, he was instructed to enter the locker room.

Curry was unable to return to the game at any point, which is undoubtedly frightening for the squad. The Warriors weren’t able to do much without Steph on the floor as their offense stalled. Overall, the Warriors are currently in the worst scenario possible.

Curry will now need to have his shoulder MRId in order to proceed. This will show how much harm has been done, if any. The Warriors’ only option right now is to hold out hope that he will return soon. If not, the Warriors’ losing streak might become much worse.


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