On Thursday, December 8, reports claim that the Philadelphia Police Department and a number of other specialists would reveal who the “Boy in the Box” is.

The “Boy in the Box” is a reference to an unidentified youngster who was murdered and had his battered and bruised body put in a cardboard box in a remote Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, region some 65 years ago.

The boy was discovered on February 25, 1957, and the case is still unresolved to this day, making it Philadelphia’s oldest.

The identify of the boy will be revealed at a press conference, according to Action News reporter Sarah Bloomquist on Twitter.

She tweeted late on Wednesday, “Big day tomorrow for those of you who have followed the case of the Boy in the Box.”

“We shall discover IF, but not WHO. The details, claims the source, are frightening. will make us unhappy and quite angry.”

Prior to the news conference, which will deliver a “major update,” a representative for the Philadelphia police department stated that they did not have any information.

A genetic genealogist, the co-founder of a team of expert investigators known as the Vidocq Society, and police commissioner Danielle Outlaw will all be commenting on the identification of the child, according to a Cumnock Chronicle story.

Since the boy was found, police have been working to identify him, but new DNA evidence has given them confidence that they are certain of their identification. Even his birth certificate has been located, according to them.

Although the boy’s grave marker at the Ivy Hill Cemetery in Cedarbrook, Philadelphia, bears the inscription “America’s Unknown Child,” that could be altered if his real name is learned.

The Susquehanna Road location where the boy was discovered also has a plaque honoring the unidentified child.

Since 1957, the area has seen extensive construction, and it is no longer a rural area.

According to the plaque, on February 26, 1957, police officers Samuel Weinstein and Elmer Palmer went to the then-rural Susquehanna Road to look into a report of a body discovered in a box.


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