We’ve all been there: you’re in an unhealthy romantic relationship, and it eventually triggers your inner loca, or what men refer to as “psycho b*tch.” Perhaps they were unfaithful or mistreated you, eventually breaking your heart as well as your trust in them.

You may have tolerated it for weeks, months, or even years before it caused you to lose your sht. This is exactly what Mexican singer and icon Thala tapped into when she wrote “Psycho Btch,” which was released on Friday, November 4, 2022. Thala was able to turn an ugly reality and an exhausting stereotype — Latinas continue to get a bad rep for being spitfire locas — into something both humorous and empowering. To say the least, it’s relatable.

Thala believes that if pushed or triggered sufficiently, anyone can channel their inner psycho b*tch. She also does not consider this side to be good or bad, but rather a human side that naturally emerges when you’ve had enough. ” It’s just that fun aspect of not pushing my buttons.” You’re going to track me down. Don’t set me off. “Be careful,” she jokes to a source during an in-person interview.

The song sounds like an amalgamation of old-school electro-pop ballads and new-school Thala meets modern disco. And the lyrics are memorable enough to stick with you. The chorus begins: “What happened here? / How do you control me when you’re associating with me? / lo loca lo, lo loca lo Oops, I forgot to tell you / I’m a little unsure / Btch is a mediocre psycho. Btch Psy Psyco Oops, I forgot about you / How do you control me when you have as? Lo loco, lo loco para ti.”

Thala has had a successful career for over 30 years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Her innovative spirit has allowed the artist to remain relevant and still peak on the charts, from her teen band days with Timbiriche in the 1980s to her “Piel Morena” days in the 1990s and modern days collaborating with everyone from Romeo Santos to Natti Natasha and Maluma.

“I enjoy the process of going into the studio and actually writing the song. I speak with the producers and the musicians. And I believe in collaborations because, even if the artists are new, I learn so much from them or they learn so much from me. Or legends, for example, if I sing with some big names, I learn a lot “she claims “So, all of that… refreshes everything and my perspective for me. And, of course, life is constantly changing. It does not simply stop changing. You are unable to stop. You stop if you are afraid of change. And I welcome change. I enjoy change.”

The singer, who began her singing career mostly in Spanish but felt pressure to switch to English during the early 2000s Latin explosion period, expresses how much she admires this generation of Latin music artists who continue to excel in Spanish.

“What’s going on in Spanish right now is incredible. It’s amazing. Because there is a Latin explosion every so-and-so period of time. Back then, there was Carmen Miranda, and later, Julio Iglesias and Gloria Estefan. Then it was Marc Anthony, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, and now it’s finally in Spanish with this new generation “she claims “And the opposite is true. It’s as if the global singers are required to sing in Spanish on our tracks, whereas previously we were required to sing in English. We were singing in English, despite the fact that we were singing in Latin rhythms.”

Thala’s self-titled English-language album was released in 2003, and the popular single “… I Want You” featured Fat Joe. Thala’s 2002 self-titled album, which paved the way for her musical career with singles like “T y Yo,” “No Me Enseaste,” and “A Quién Le Importa?” celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. Throughout her career, she has debuted and peaked on the Billboard music charts while never being afraid to evolve, even switching from pop to urban sounds in recent years. Her adaptability has guided the course of her career. She evolves alongside the culture.

In a changing culture, does the icon worry that a song like “Psycho Btch” will set us back or further stereotype Latinas as hot-tempered psycho btches? Absolutely not. In fact, she believes that this generation has moved on. “Isn’t that old-fashioned thinking? I believe it is finally changing now because there is a lot of conversation, a lot of social media topics, and people using their platforms to talk about these things that they previously did not have the opportunity to do “she claims “So I think it’s fantastic that the younger generation is refusing to accept that. They are not accepting any criticism. It’s like saying, “Don’t cross that line.” That is a boomer mindset.”

We believe in reclaiming and owning all aspects of yourself, good and bad, as well as your inner loquita. Just don’t unblock your ex in order to send him this song. Just a thought.

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