Today, the Grammy-winning hip-hop icon 2Chainz will host a brand-new weekly live-streamed concert series called Amazon Music Live, featuring the biggest artists performing their newest hits in person.

Fans of music and sports will converge for Thursday night’s new destination for the hottest new releases to come to life, airing on Prime Video after Thursday Night Football.

Amazon Music Live, which is broadcast live from Los Angeles, debuts on October 27 with musical guest Lil Baby, who will play songs from his most recent album, It’s Only Me, as well as crowd favorites and top-charting classics.

Three-time Grammy winner Megan Thee Stallion will take the Amazon Music Live stage on November 3; on November 10, country music icon Kane Brown will perform songs from his most recent album Different Man and other selections for fans. The coming weeks will see the announcement of even more noteworthy performances.

The biggest night for entertainment is Thursday, according to Kirdis Postelle, global head of artist marketing at Amazon Music. “Whether you’re a sports fan waiting for the first football game of the week or a music fan staying up late to hear the latest drop from your favorite artist, Thursday is the biggest night for entertainment,” she said. “With Amazon Music Live, we’ve developed a brand-new, not-to-be-missed series for fans to share the most thrilling new music. This program gives musicians a huge new platform to interact with fans following Thursday Night Football, the largest game of the week that is broadcast live on Prime Video.

During Thursday Night Football shoulder programming, 2 Chainz will interview the performing artist each night in addition to hosting Amazon Music Live, giving fans unrivaled access to their favorite musicians. Fans will be able to watch each concert live and on demand for a brief period of time on Prime Video from anywhere in the world.

Every week’s performance will be recorded in front of a live audience, and viewers will only be able to watch by invitation thanks to live events firm DICE.