Recently, Tiffany Haddish admitted that she “lost everything” as a result of two siblings accusing her and comedian Aries Spears of sexually abusing them as toddlers. Haddish and the putative victims struck a settlement earlier this week, and the matter was dropped. The “Girl Trip” star, who claims to be suffering from the controversy, told reporters on September 21 that she “lost everything” as a result of the incident.

“I don’t work at all. She reportedly informed a TMZ cameraman, “I don’t have no work, bro. Boosie Badazz offered Haddish a job working with him and producing her own movies after learning the news on social media. He started, “I CAN’T PAY YOU WHAT THEY WAS PAYING YOU BUT I GOT A CHECK!!” N I WOULD LOVE TO PAY YOU TO MAKE A COMEDY WITH ME, he tweeted.

After praising the comedian and assuring her of her star power, the “Set It Off” rapper said, “WHAT THEY DID TO YOU MIGHT BE CAREER CHANGING, DONT LET THIS SLIDE. This SIS lawsuit is worth $1 billion! STAR YOU ARE. You are able to make your own movies. Boosie’s proposition has not received a response from Haddish. After the alleged child grooming allegations, she did speak to a paparazzi about her relationship with Aries Spears. She said, “I don’t talk to him.

Regarding the terrible case, court records obtained by TMZ show the accusers “requested the judge to dismiss the case with prejudice,” preventing a possible re-filing. Haddish reached an out-of-court settlement with the unnamed accusers. The case’s remaining aspects remain a secret.