Due to her deteriorating alcoholism two years ago, Wendy Williams was “at death’s door” and ultimately had two blood transfusions in the hospital.

In May 2020, friends of the former daytime talk show presenter, including DJ Boof, found Williams “catatonic” in her New York City apartment, where her former manager Bernie Young allegedly refused to call 911 out of concern that it would be made public.

Williams’ longtime friend and witness to the incident tells a source, “I don’t think he recognized the gravity of what was going on, and I don’t think he wanted it to come out that she was not well, and he definitely didn’t want a 911 call like [what] happened a year later.”

William’s mental health was examined at Beth Israel hospital in September 2021.

Our insider said that due to her addiction and terrible health, Williams’ New York City residence was in a mess.

“It was basically a chaos. It was a mess, according to the source. She was in her dirty robe and was in a very, very poor way. She was also catatonic. She had her gaze fixed on the ceiling. She was simply unresponsive, but her eyes were open, and it was clear that she was catatonic.

According to our source, they came across “a case of booze, open wine bottles, and Ketel One.”

The eyewitness reports, “We started clearing out a bunch of liquor.”

They allegedly demanded that Young phone emergency services or Williams’ previous sober team, led by Ron Clinton, along with Boof, in order to receive help. Our source claims that to keep the shock jock hydrated in the interim, they and Boof gave her ice chips.

“She will pass away. She could hardly stand up, our source explains. She wanted help from 911 and was simply lying on top of the covers when Young said, “We’re not getting 911.”

After some time, Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter and their child Kevin Hunter Jr. called her and pleaded with her to get assistance.

Kevin and Kevin Jr. both pleaded with their mothers to “come on. Our insider recollects saying, “Let [Ron and his colleagues] come up.” “Seek assistance.”

Later, Kevin Sr. acknowledged to us the occurrences involving him and his son that were previously reported.

Williams needed two blood transfusions at the hospital because she was “so low on iron,” according to various sources, who also claim that Boof transported Williams there in his car. For around four or five days, she was kept under medical surveillance and had “no recollection” of what had happened.

A second source claims that “Boof was the savior of her f-king life,” adding that he went back to her apartment after dropping her off to throw the alcohol out.

Our first witness describes the woman as being “truly, in my judgment, at death’s door.” “She wouldn’t be here if we weren’t there on that particular day. She would have failed. She would not have survived if it weren’t for Ron Clinton, Kevin, and their team.

“None of her past is being highlighted. Williams’ publicist, Shawn Zanotti, says: “Right now she is healing and working on the second part of her documentary and her podcast, she has several things that are demanding her attention right now and past gossip is not one of them. The only focus we have is for Wendy to continue to strive for getting better and moving forward.”

Williams’ health and wellness continued to fluctuate as she recovered from the horrific event. The “How you Doin’?” host moved temporarily to Florida to be nearer to her kid and seek therapy at a health clinic. She left her eponymous talk show at the beginning of what would end up being its final season.

Her improvements, however, were just momentary, as Page Six reported on Wednesday that she had returned to a rehab center to address her drug problems.

Another individual informed us that “it’s become worse.” “She switched from drinking wine to straight vodka.”

Williams’ manager, Will Selby, said she is “sounding better and better every day” to us on Friday.

Considering everything she is going through, he stated, “Her vibrancy and motivation are at an all-time high.” She only discusses her upcoming work with “The Wendy Williams Experience” and her new documentary, which will be released in 2023.