What occurs when a beloved, cuddly icon who has been a fixture of children’s entertainment for decades becomes public property? If you’re Winnie the Pooh, someone seizes the chance and creates a gory, terrible horror film about you and your best friend Piglet going on a murderous rampage. Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey has a complete trailer available online.

This one’s primary premise is that Christopher Robin (Nikolai Leon) essentially left his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood behind in order to attend college. Additionally, he learns the horrific truth of what transpired when he returns with his fiancĂ©e Mary (Paula Coiz).

According to writer/director Rhys Waterfield, “since they’ve had to fend for themselves so much, they’ve practically grown feral.” “They have thereby returned to their animal origins. They are no longer domesticated; instead, they behave more like a savage bear and pig that are constantly on the prowl for prey.”

Nobody will mistake this for a Disney film since Chris Cordell plays Piglet and Craig David Dowsett portrays Pooh. Which is advantageous legally speaking because the Mouse House still owns specific characters and ideas from the Winnie the Pooh stories.

Wakefield said of his low-budget horror movie, “When you try and execute a film like this, and it’s a really strange notion, it’s very easy to go down a line where nothing is terrifying and it’s just really ludicrous and just, like, stupid.” And between the two was where we wanted to go.

Although Blood And Honey has a distributor, a release date is still not set.