Pete Davidson is emphasizing his mental well-being.

The Saturday Night Live alum has been receiving trauma treatment since April, largely as a result of Kanye West’s social media rants criticizing him during his engagement with Kim Kardashian.

most recently? The rapper published a since-deleted Instagram photo of a phony New York Times front page with the headline “Skete Davidson Dead at Age 28” just three days after it was made public that Pete and Kim had broken up.

It was the most recent in a string of posts and remarks on social media that the comedian had to deal with during his nine-month relationship with Kanye West’s estranged wife. The Grammy winner labeled Pete Davidson a “d—khead” on social media and rapped about beating “Pete Davidson’s ass” in his music.

And even though Kim and Pete originally attempted to disregard Kanye’s behavior, he wouldn’t back down, even shooting at Kim (with him later acknowledging his posts “came off as harassing Kim”).

In a text conversation between Kanye and Pete from March, Pete was seen defending Kim in the midst of Kanye’s posts, according to photographs released by Pete’s buddy Dave Sirus.

Pete stated in the text, “Kim is literally the best mother I’ve ever encountered. “You are so very lucky that she is your children’s mother for all that she accomplishes for these children. I’ve made up my mind that I won’t put up with you treating us in this way any longer, and I’m done hiding. Grow up, f—- you.”

In a video message, Kanye responded to the text conversation. He said in a since-deleted Instagram video that “the boyfriend texts me, antagonizing me, gloating about being in bed with my wife.” “Well, if he’s texting me and boasting about being in bed with my wife, who’s minding my kids?”

Pete, according to a source informed of the circumstance, had had enough. He didn’t mind when Kanye chased him, but when it comes to Kim and the kids, he won’t stand for it anymore, the insider claimed. He is not silent any longer.

And Kim still supports Pete today. The death hoax, though “Kim is upset, according to a source familiar with the matter. In addition to being depressed by the split, this has also put her mental stability to the test. She will not put up with her loved ones being treated in this manner and is not okay with this kind of behavior. She has repeatedly requested him to remove the post. Pete will always be safe from her.”