Doja Cat is aware that despite her lack of hair, she is still a badass. The “Vegas” rapper, 26, said during a recent Instagram Live that she is not bothered by the recent uptick in online criticism of her freshly shaved head and eyebrows, but that people’s assumptions that she is mentally ill as a result of her new appearance are disturbing.

In an Instagram Live on Thursday, August 4, Doja first showed off her bare head. Later, as more than 20,000 people watched in real time, she shaved off her eyebrows. Since then, she has shared numerous selfies showcasing various painted-on brow styles, but not everyone likes them. On social media, some people expressed displeasure with the new hairstyle, and others compared the “Kiss Me More” singer to Britney Spears, who made headlines by shaving off all her hair in 2007 before being placed under conservatorship.

Doja said, addressing those folks in particular, “I’m rich, I’m great. “The entire, like, “Are you OK, queen?” s-t makes me want to rip out my — ugh, the hair that is still on my head, I think. I detest it so much that it makes me want to rip out my pubic hair.

The Grammy winner earlier claimed that the reason she decided to shave her head was because she hardly ever wore her hair natural. She mentioned that she had worn wigs for the majority of her career and expressed the sentiment that she didn’t feel like she was ever intended to have hair.

She also added on Instagram Live, “People believe I’m, like, not well because I don’t have hair on my face or on my head. It’s a crazy f-king world out there, man. I felt pretty wonderful after shaving my head because I realized that no one who liked me before and doesn’t like me now was ever worth it.

Nothing has changed; I simply don’t have hair, said Doja. People are asking, “What? ” now that I’m bald and my eyebrows look f-king fantastic. I’m not a fan of you. And I say, “Good.” “Leave this place.”

Watch Doja Cat respond to critics of her new hairless look below: