The Radiant team is proud to announce its streaming platform is live on Roku! There is also the web app version if you are on the go and do not have the Roku app on your TV.

Although the content is lean, the Radiant team assures the viewers that the entertainment experience will get better as time moves along. 

Over time, our viewers can look forward to an increased movie library and also live events.  90% of the content will be free.  And 10% of the content will be featured in live PPV events for individual and family enjoyment.  


We want to host you on our journey as we strive for excellence to find the perfect blend of content that will please every demographic.  

We are not about the hype, we are new and in our humble beginning.  

Our goal is to make a difference for our future customers without ever forecasting a price gouge. We will do this by focusing on a business model that puts the customer first in the long haul.  

We are aware there are enough financial constraints, and overpaying for home entertainment is one of the things that is getting out of control. 

As we grow the Radiant Team will stride to become new and innovative in streaming concepts.  We know this will take a lot of time and effort, and we can not do it without aiming to please.  Allow us to be extremely human by asking you to be patient with us, and to keep checking in from time to time.  We know we may not blow your socks off the 1st go around when you visit the Radiant platform.  

But maybe at a later date, we may have something to meet your expectations.  

Radiant is planning for a great 1st year and we are wishing everyone peace, prosperity, and a chaos-free world.