Take out the baby cowgirl hats!

Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger of The Ultimatum have welcomed their first child. This is the franchise’s first child. The couple announced the exciting news on Instagram.

“Baby girl is healthy and perfect, and we will be bringing her home tomorrow,” Madlyn said on May 5 on her Instagram story. “We’ve been snuggling in the hospital bed, trying to get as much rest as we can while reflecting on this incredible gift.”

“We’re having a baby in a month,” Madlyn revealed to E! in April. “I’m 35 weeks along. We’re expecting a child, and we’re embarking on life together. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

“It’s going fast!” said Colby.


According to Madlyn, the couple discovered they were pregnant “three months” after filming wrapped. “The show ended in May, and I got pregnant in August,” Madlyn explained.

Madlyn also revealed that at least one member of the Ultimatum crew attended their baby shower.

Madlyn then went on to deny rumors that she became pregnant while filming The Ultimatum. “For clarification, Colby and I were married 5.13.2021 and will have our baby in the next two weeks,” she clarified on Instagram in April, adding that The Ultimatum began filming in March 2021 and the reunion in February 2022.

To clarify for her fans, she wrote, “A.K.A. not pregnant during filming.”

And it appears that the couple, who put their relationship to the test by briefly breaking up on the Netflix show, are stronger than ever. On April 13, Madlyn posted on Instagram “Being married to you and starting a family has been the most wonderful gift. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have such a passionate, loving, and strong partner with whom to share this life.”

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