Instagram has been hinting at it for a while, and today it’s launching a live test of a new feature that allows you to pin photographs to your profile for a limited number of people.

Some Instagram users can now select a ‘Pin to Your Profile’ option on their IG posts, as shown in this example by user Salman Memon, which allows you to dock your chosen updates to the top of your post grid on your profile display.

Which you can already do by uploading your photos to Stories and then using the Stories Highlights feature. However, being able to pin certain feed items allows you to highlight things in a new way, with a top listing of three posts shown to all profile visitors, allowing you to emphasize essential components such as special deals, product displays, and your best-performing posts, among other things.

As previously stated, Instagram has been working on the feature for some time, with an initial test version appearing in January and then being updated a month later.

Users will be able to pin up to three posts to the top of their IG grid, as seen in this iteration shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, giving them greater flexibility in how they display their content.

Instagram is also experimenting with a ‘Edit Grid’ feature, which would allow you to rearrange your profile gallery as you choose, regardless of when each photo was uploaded.

This might provide Instagram advertisers even more creative freedom and control, which could be quite beneficial.

Instagram hasn’t given a schedule for when these new features will be fully implemented, but Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has stated that they are now in the testing phase, which means they might be available on your profile soon.