Disney has a long history in the film industry and is well-known for its animated blockbusters. And no animated film has achieved the same level of popularity as Frozen. Although a theatrical sequel was released in 2019, some fans are still wishing for a three-quel. Could Frozen 3 actually happen then? Here are Kristen Bell’s exact words.

The Frozen movie series contributed to Kristen Bell’s rise to fame despite the fact that she already had a great career as a film and television actor. Bell had the opportunity to portray Princess Anna’s journey in the films and numerous shorts that have been made over the years in addition to helping to shape who she was as a person. Idina Menzel’s recent remarks about not wanting to return for Frozen 3 were brought up during Kristen Bell’s appearance on Good Morning America. She enthusiastically replied, saying:


That noise can you hear? There are several generations of Frozen fans cheering and singing “Let It Go” in unison. Despite the fact that there are currently no plans for a second animated sequel, Kristen Bell appears to be receptive to the idea. We’ll simply have to wait and see if Disney and directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee are eager to continue the tale of Arrendale.

While promoting her brand-new children’s book The World Needs More Purple Schools, Kristen Bell made some remarks on Frozen 3. The prospect of a second Frozen movie came up at the very end of the conversation, which is undoubtedly a frequently asked question for Bell. The Veronica Mars actress didn’t seem against the idea of Anna having a third major motion picture adventure, even though she was joking about asking, “What are we waiting for?”

With the original Frozen movie, Disney scored a huge smash that spawned a ton of products, a Broadway musical, and (of course) a cinematic sequel. The latter element was unusual for the studio, but Frozen 2 broke all previous records at the box office and surpassed The Incredibles as the second-highest-grossing animated film of all time. Therefore, if the filmmakers and cast were in favor of it, one would assume that the House of Mouse would be too.

It would come down to Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee with stars like Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel appearing eager for another Frozen movie. Before creating Frozen 2, Lee in particular journaled as the characters for months as they tackled the first sequel with method. We’ll just have to wait and see if that couple has a new tale that begs to be shared. The sisters underwent significant change at the conclusion of the previous film, and Anna was crowned queen of Arendelle. Check out the 2022 release dates for movies to start making plans for your next cinematic outing.