Perhaps some folks do not love long beach walks?

Camila Morrone was noticeably distressed while on a sand walk with lover Leonardo DiCaprio in Malibu over the weekend.

As the makeup-free model, 27, and the sunglass-wearing actor, 47, walked side by side along the beach, both barefoot, paparazzi clicked away.

Morrone was observed with a wrinkled brow and a grand motion with her hand during what appeared to be a difficult conversation with DiCaprio. With his gaze fixed on the ground, the “Wolf of Wall Street” star appeared to be listening carefully.


The two were seen holding hands and staring at each other at another point.

The Oscar winner then went in for a comforting forehead kiss with his clearly uneasy spouse. As she stood facing his chest with her arms by her sides, his arms softly rested atop her shoulders.

For the occasion, both DiCaprio and Morrone wore baggy, muted-colored attire. He wore brown drawstring shorts with a basic white T-shirt, while she wore a beige crewneck sweater over a translucent caftan cover-up.


The model completed her relaxed style with a white choker, while the actor wore a backward-facing baseball cap.

The two appeared to be in much better spirits the previous time paparazzi caught them at the beach.

When DiCaprio and Morrone were caught smiling and even making out in the beautiful clear seas of St. Barts earlier this year, they couldn’t keep their hands off one other.


The couple’s representatives have yet to react to Page Six’s request for comment. They have been dating since 2017.