Apple has made the Replay 2023 playlist available, allowing you to see which songs you’ve listened to the most this year.

This is great news for Apple Music subscribers who enjoy having a playlist of their favorite songs. Before the big replay roundup in December, the songs that are on it and their ranks will almost probably change, but it’s wonderful to start using it now as a shortcut to playing music you know you’ll like.

This year, the playlist arrived a little early, as XDA Developers notes. Mid-February saw the introduction of the 2022 version. Apple appears to be taking the feature a little more seriously; last year, it seems the company chose to truly compete with Spotify’s Wrapped feature and enhanced the appeal and shareability of its end-of-year summary. Although it’s still unclear if it went far enough, it’s still something.

The Replay 2023 playlist will eventually display your best 99 songs of the year, however it might display fewer tracks since that the year has only been going for a month; mine now only includes 27 songs.

The location of your Apple Music Replay 2023 playlist

Navigate to the Listen Now tab in the Apple Music app and select Replay 2023 to add it to your collection. Tap the Replay ’23 playlist, followed by the + sign in the top right, and then scroll down to the Replay section (it was towards the bottom for me). You can then access it from the Playlists area of your library after doing so.


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