Marlon Wayans has stated that he will not stop telling jokes the way he wants to.

When asked if his 2004 comedy White Chicks could thrive in today’s pop culture environment, Wayans, 50, said in a recent interview with BuzzFeed that films like it are “needed.”

“I’m not sure what planet we’re on where you think people don’t need to laugh and that people should be censored and canceled,” Wayans told BuzzFeed. “If a joke is going to get me canceled, thank you very much.”

In response to the concept of cancel culture, the writer and actor, who co-wrote and starred in White Chicks with his brother Shawn Wayans, told the outlet that he finds it “sad that society has gotten to the point where we can’t laugh anymore.”

The brothers portrayed undercover FBI agents posing as white women to solve a series of kidnappings in White Chicks.

White Chicks, 2004. Credit: Sony Pictures
White Chicks, 2004. Credit: Sony Pictures

“I’m not listening to this generation.” “I’m not listening to these scared-ass people, scared executives,” Wayans added. “Y’all do what you want?” Great. I’m still going to tell my jokes the way I always have. And if you want to make money, you should jump on board. And if not, I’ll figure out a way to do it myself.”

Wayans also suggested that Priah Ferguson, who co-stars in his new Netflix film The Curse of Bridge Hollow, watch White Chicks in preparation for their upcoming film. Overall, the star appeared to be confident that his fans would continue to appreciate his work in the future.

“I am aware of my audience. Every weekend, my audience attends my shows and leaves happy and laughing “He told BuzzFeed about it. “The Wayans have always told the worst joke in the best way.”

Wayans revealed in an Instagram post in July 2021 that he and brother Shawn created White Chicks together after seeing a magazine cover of Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton.

“Funny story, one day at 3 a.m., my brother [Shawn] calls me and says, ‘Marlon, we should play white chicks,’ ” the actor recalled in an Instagram caption, alongside a photo of him and Paris taken at FOX’s Tubi & TikTok Live Long-Form Reunion event in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Marlon responded by asking Shawn, “You high?”

Shawn showed Marlon a magazine with Paris and Nicky on the cover the next day.

“[He] said we should play gurls like this,” Marlon, 48, remembered. “I immediately got it. They were so big and was the gateway to pop culture send up.”

“We did that film in good spirit to celebrate a special time in all of our lives,” Marlon said. “So thank you Paris and Nicky for being muses. Love ya.”

The actor added at the time, “When we do #whitechicks2 ‘Let’s go shopping’ 🛍.”